The Iowa DOT has given us permission to continue offering classes online and in a self-paced format. Our classes will remain online.

The online class gives us a lot of flexibility. The student is able to work around sports and school activities. In addition,  the student’s are not be in a large group setting.

We’ll start to arrange drive once the student has completed 15 hours of the online course work. During the school year, the drives will take place after school and on the weekends. The drives may be sightly delayed.

We’re a premier drivers’ education program in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City corridor.  Classroom instruction includes distracted driving, substance abuse, railroad crossing, organ donation and sharing the road with bicycles and motorcycles. We strive to keep our curriculum current in order to keep the students engaged.

To best suit our students’ needs, we offer summer sessions that are two weeks in duration and school year sessions that last three weeks. This allows the student to fit the driver’s education into their busy schedules. 

We have may locations to choose from.  Classes are offered in the following cities: Anamosa, Atkins, Cedar Rapids(LaSalle MS), Central City, Ely, Fairfax, Kalona, Iowa City, Marion(Linn-Mar HS and Marion MS), Monticello, Mount Vernon, North Liberty, North Linn, Solon and CCA-Tiffin.

If you have any Questions, Please  text me at (319) 361-9405


Click on this link to go to the class registration for 2022.

2022 Open Classes:

Online Classes:
Alburnett High School

Anamosa High School
Anamosa Oct Online 2022
Anamosa Dec Online 2022

Anamosa Feb Online 2023
Anamosa April Online 2023
Anamosa June Online 2023
Anamosa July Online 2023
Anamosa Aug Online 2023

Atkins Pavilion
Atkins Feb Online 2023
Atkins April Online 2023
Atkins June Online 2023
Atkins Aug Online 2023
Atkins Nov Online 2023

Central City
Central City HS Nov Online 2022
Central City HS Dec Online 2022

Central City HS March Online 2023
Central City HS May Online 2023
Central City HS July Online 2023
Central City HS Nov Online 2023

Clear Creek Amana School
For CCA students, please register and pay at the CCA High School website.
CCA student registration link.

If you have any questions, Contact Mary Lou Grimm at 319-545-2361 or marylougrimm@ccaschools.org.
CCA-Tiffin Sept Online 2022
CCA-Tiffin Oct Online 2022
CCA-Tiffin Nov Online 2022
CCA-Tiffin Dec Online 2022

Ely Community Center
Ely Oct Online 2022
Ely Dec Online 2022

Ely Feb Online 2023
Ely April Online 2023
Ely May Online 2023
Ely June Online 2023
Ely July Online 2023
Ely Aug Online 2023

Fairfax Oct Online 2022
Fairfax Nov Online 2022

Fairfax March Online 2023
Fairfax May Online 2023
Fairfax June Online 2023
Fairfax July Online 2023
Fairfax Aug Online 2023
Fairfax Oct Online 2023
Fairfax Dec Online 2023

LaSalle Middle School-Cedar Rapids
LaSalle Middle School Oct Online 2022
LaSalle Middle School Dec Online 2022

Linn-Mar High School
Linn-Mar Sept Online 2022
Linn-Mar Nov Online 2022

Monticello High School
Monticello Oct Online 2022

Mount Vernon Middle School
Mount Vernon Oct Online 2022
Mount Vernon Dec Online 2022

North Liberty Liberty High School
CCA student can sign up for the North Liberty sessions. However, they will not qualify for free or reduced pricing.

Liberty HS Oct Online 2022
Liberty HS Dec Online 2022

North Linn
North Linn HS Nov Online 2022
North Linn HS Dec Online 2022

Solon High School
Solon Sept Online 2022
Solon Dec Online 2022

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