Registration Drivers’ Education Class 2022

The cost of our drivers education program is $415.00. Payment by credit card is $427.00. This includes a fee of $12 to cover processing fees.

Registration can be completed by mailing the pdf registration form below or by filling out the electronic registration form below.  A mailed or electronic registration will guarantee a spot in the class.

If a student withdraws, prior to starting the online class, a full refund will be issued. However, once a student starts the online class, no refund will be issued.

A student will be charged $30, to extend and additional 30 days, if they fail to complete the online class in 45 days.

All of the driver’s education cars are equipped with an in-car camera that records both the inside and outside of the car. The audio is also recorded. The camera is used to protect both the students and instructor. The footage will be saved for one year and will then be erased. We will review the drive footage, if any questions should arise. In no way will the we upload the video to you tube or any other website outside the Mount Vernon Drivers’ Education LLC website. The video would be password protected if it would be posted to the company’s website. If we decide to use the footage, as part of the classroom instruction, only the video outside the car would be used. No inside footage will be shown. The student driver will not be shown or identified.

Requirements: The student must bring their permit to every class and drive session.  The parent and student must read and agree to the policy statement and the parent involvement guide. Payment can be either cash, check or credit card.   If payment is made by check, it needs be made out to Mount Vernon Drivers Education LLC.  No deposit is required.  A $30 service charge will be applied to all returned checks.  The payment must be made by the first day of class.  No certificate will be issued without full payment.  To ensure enrollment, either complete the online registration or mail in the registration form below.  If you have any questions, please call 319-361-9405 or send an email to contact usThe student may be charged $30 for missing a drive session.  If you choose to complete the paper registration, please mail to the following address:

Mount Vernon Drivers Education LLC
PO Box 14
Mount Vernon, Iowa 52314